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和登夏 光里
Akari Watoga
Akari Watoga (BoH)

Species Human

Create and use water bottles


23 years old




Jungle, Meadow

Akari Watoga (和登夏 光里 Watoga Akari) is a human who can create water bottles.

General Information Edit



Create water bottles

Role Edit

Performance of RainEdit

Border of HeavenEdit

Akari is the Stage 5 Boss. She is wandering around the river near the meadow.

In Miko's scenario, she does not recognize the shaman at first, until Miko reminds her. They proceed to have a friendly duel. In Ritsuka's scenario, the gardener recognizes her and says that she needs water for her flowers. Akari offers to give her some if they have a duel first. In Kaeru Shiawase's scenario, the frog senses a strange prescence from Akari's water bottles.

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