Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Welcome to the End of the World
Stage 1 theme
  • I'll be Back Here in Winter
Stage 1 boss - Kurokku no Kaijin's theme
Stage 2 theme
  • Walking in the Snow is Beautiful
Stage 2 boss - Aoimoku no Kyuketsuki's theme
Stage 3 theme
  • Traces in the Snow
Stage 3 boss - Fuyu Maiami's theme
  • Snowball Fight is Fun
Stage 4 theme
  • Last Minute Skyscraper
Stage 4 boss - Kira Sakka's theme
  • You Will Become a Corpse
Stage 5 theme
  • Halloween World
Stage 5 boss - Niru Kabocha's theme
  • Don't Touch My Pumpkin Soup
Final Stage theme
  • Souls and Last Moments
Final boss - Jigoku no Mokushiroku's theme
  • Powerful Attack ~ Apocalypse
Extra Stage theme
  • Ghost Hunting and Blood Flow
Extra boss - Colonne Kuranty's theme
  • Ghosts and Souls Hunt ~ Chimes
Phantasm Stage theme
  • Halloween World Curse
Phantasm boss - Kyofu no Kabocha's theme
  • Pumpkin Field is Destroyed
Story theme
  • Whatever Happened to the World
Ending theme
  • We Were Able to Stop the Apocalypse

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