Distant Secluded BlizzardEdit

Zairyoo asako by lenk64-d850teo

Species: Wizard

Abilities: Create illusions and wizard magic

Age: 2000 years old

Occupation: Wanderer

Location: Mountain

Mirage of Venerable FortunesEdit

Zairyoo asako by lenk64-d8zzo6q

Species: Runearian

Abilities: Create monsters, turn people into monsters

Age: 2000 years old

Occupation: Wizard

Location: Delusional Archives

Zairyoo Asako, the ingenious mage of mirages.

In a mere few years after her birth, it became clear that Zairyoo Asako was a true prodigy with magic. Asako learned magical concepts with rapid speed and exhibited an incredible power that few could even hope to wield, all before reaching adulthood. With such natural proficiency and brilliance, the gods saw her as a potentially valuable asset for the future of Kuusou no Sekai. To ensure she stayed protected until adulthood, she was assigned a guardian angel: Megami Tenshi. Although Tenshi was a new guardian angel and frequently made questionable decisions while raising Asako, she was successful in bringing her to adulthood. Asako no longer needs her aid, but they’ve remained close friends ever since.

Roughly 10 years ago, Tenshi asked Asako for a massive favor. Tenshi had recently been assigned to the task of protecting another prodigy. In addition, she was assigned a secondary mission shortly afterwards to watch over a “highly dangerous” prisoner in Totte’s mansion. Tenshi wretched over the idea of having to do both at the same time, so she begged Asako to look after her child until the prisoner was released from the mansion. Asako agreed, confident that there was no way the child could undergo any harm. Her home is under an impenetrable magic lock that can only be unlocked by her; the lock was designed to protect spells she invented not meant for the rest of Kuusou no Sekai. The child would be safe in the home, and Asako would only take her out when it was absolutely necessary. It seemed low risk enough to manage.

Asako never would’ve imagined that the child herself would be a problem. For several months Asako watched over the seemingly well behaved child, and even left her alone in the house on multiple occasions. The last of these occasions resulted in a decade-long turmoil for Asako.

Upon returning from one of her absences, the child mysteriously disappeared. Not only that; her enormous collection of spellbooks completely vanished with her. Asako’s favorite “Book of Illusion”, the only book she constantly keeps by her side, was the only spellbook left. Everything else was gone, including tomes containing the most dangerous magic known to Kuusou no Sekai. Asako panicked, having no lead on where the child or the books disappeared to. In a moment of desperation, Asako cast an illusion over a dolphin girl named Iruka to make her look like the missing child to Tenshi. She couldn’t afford to search out the child or her missing tomes; all of her effort had to go into deceiving Tenshi. Surprisingly, Asako’s deception worked for several years...Until Asako’s illusions were finally broken by the protagonists at the end of the Distant Secluded Blizzard incident.

Her friendship with Tenshi was crushed, and Asako knew her only hope of repairing it lied in finding the missing child. But even a decade later, Asako had no leads, and she wondered if the child was even still alive. At this point she desperately needed someone to support her...And her support came, in the form of an unexpected bookworm.

Asako seems uninvolved with and uninterested in the gauntlet, but she fights the protagonists for her own purposes. She is, however, helping the amusement park staff using her illusions. Using mirages, she made the entire establishment look much more festive and welcoming than it actually was. As the protagonists enter the Delusional Archives, they recognize they’re no longer in amusement park territory…

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