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Azusa Hagino
Azusa Hagino

Species Raijuu

Create shockwaves while running


18 years old


Marathon Runner


Konsei Capital City (Formerly Plans Atrium)

Azusa Hagino is a raijuu that loves running marathons.

General Information


She is very passionate about running marathons, but is very clueless and often collides with people.


Create shockwaves while running


Unconquered Album

Azusa is having a marathon around the Northeastern Island. She is the Stage 1 Boss in Christine Seaphere's route and Stage 4 Boss in Shinshiazu's route.

In Shinshiazu's route, she was running in the Plans Atrium of the Northeastern Island, until she collides with the hunter. Azusa was infuriated with the hunter for interrupting her marathon, and attacked her. After Azusa was defeated, Shinshiazu asked for the location of any vicious-looking beasts, but she wouldn't listen, so Shinshiazu threatened her with her scissors. When she tells her about the monsters in a certain lair, Shinshiazu advices her to go to Kuusou no Sekai and have her precious marathon there. Which she does.

In Christine Seaphere's route, Azusa arrives to the capital of Konsei and continues doing her marathon, but she collides with Christine this time. The half-youkai froze the ground with her Icy Sword, causing Azusa to get angry because her marathon across Kuusou no Sekai was interrupted. After being defeated, Azusa tells her that the inhabitants of the island are locked in by some invisible barrier until just recently.