南西 灰騎士

Dark Mountain of Sins

Dark Mountain of Sins
Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released Concept: November 18, 2016

Game: Unknown

Followed by Mountain of Gods

Nansei Haikishi ~ Dark Mountain of Sins (南西 灰騎士〜 Dark Mountain of Sins lit. Ash Knight from the Southwest) is the 17.5th episode of the Nansei Project.


Dark Mountain of Sins will feature two playable characters to choose from, and each character has two different sets of skills. Kooya Senshi moves faster and uses weaker attacks that can hit just about everything on the screen. Yuto Yukiyama moves slower and uses more powerful attacks with less range.

Similar to Unconquered Album, there was added a special gauge. Ash Fragments are released when enemies are killed, bosses are damaged, and at certain scripted events. Reaching an specified ammount of Ash Fragments gives you a temporary shield.


There has been some strange ash raining in the Ice Mountain recently and a wandering mysterious knight. The knight apprentice on the run, Kooya Senshi, believes that this could be related to her lost father figure, so she goes to investigate. Meanwhile, the yeti Yuto Yukiyama is hungry and goes on a snack hunt to the mountain. The two go on a journey on their own.

After dealing with a few youkai on the way, the two meet the youkai Hisame, who confirms that a mysterious knight is the one responsible for the raining ash. Finally, Kooya and Yuto meet face-to-face and fight. Yuto, who became a youkai and has a frozen heart as a result, becomes interested in Kooya; but she shrugs off, insisting that finding her mentor is more important.

The two part ways again and while Yuto meets the demon Satara, Kooya meets her lost mentor, Orcus Inferna. Satara reveals that she was the one responsible for corrupting Orcus in the past (so he became evil and a wanted criminal, whole Kooya was blamed for Orcus's misdeeds). Yuto is unable to understand the whole thing, but fights against Satara realizing that the corrupted knight is the one Kooya was looking for. Meanwhile, Orcus reveals he was killed by the god Sayuri Nagareboshi but someone revived him to be an undead ash knight. Kooya is forced to fight against Orcus and kills him. Orcus dissolves into ash as he dies.

After defeating Satara, Yuto runs to the top on the mountain, where he finds the devastated Kooya. While Yuto tries to console her, Kooya realized that Orcus is still alive somewhere and hopes to see him again someday.


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