Playable CharactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit

Toku no dotai by lenk64-d7jss09

Toku no Dotai
Stage 1 Midboss, Stage 1 Boss

Komori uta by lenk64-d7jsrte

Komori Uta
Stage 2 Midboss

Alice by lenk64-d7jsro7

Stage 2 Boss


Stage 3 Midboss

Majutsu by lenk64-d7jsrj5

Stage 3 Boss

Suzumekinoko by lenk64-d7jsre0

Stage 4 Midboss

Shokubutsu by lenk64-d7jsrbj

Stage 4 Boss, Final Stage Midboss

Shinrin neko by lenk64-d7jsr6q

Neko Shinrin
Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss, Extra Midboss

Yumi murasaki by lenk64-d7jsr94

Yumi Murasaki
Final Boss

Rea knight by lenk64-d7jsr1i

Rea Knight
Extra Boss

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