南西 怪獣寒

Destructive Force Monster

Destructive force monster by lenk64-d7jssmh-1-1
Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released Concept: May 26, 2014

Game: Unknown

Genre Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game
Gameplay Single-Player Story Mode
Followed by Experienced Resident

Nansei Kaijukan ~ Destructive Force Monster (南西 怪獣寒 〜 Destructive Force Monster lit. Mysterious Cold Beast from the Southwest) is the 9.5th episode in the Nansei Project.

It is the second project in the series to possess character dialogue. The first track in the album was released on May 26th, 2014.


A mysterious meteorite lands in the jungle next to the Kokunai Shrine, so the heroines go to investigate. In the jungle, they're attacked by either Rippa Toppu or Ryusei Furawa. Toppu was annoyed at the heroines who looked down on her while Ryusei wanted to befriend the meteorite.

Escaping from the jungle, they fly towards the sea, when they encounter the goddesses Susanoo no Mikoto and Kaze Fujin. They asks the goddesses to get rid of the suspicious asteroid in the jungle, but Kaze and Susanoo dismiss them, because rocks are not their element. With Susanoo and Kaze defeated, they reach the Water Temple. Here, they encounter either Fuyu no Natsu or Hane Utsukushi. Natsu abandoned her post at the Nuclear Power Station seen in Unknown Traveling East because it wasn't the best place for her abilities while Hane was hiding in an attempt to conceal her black wings. Hane reassures the heroines that she'll take care of the meteorite and warns them of some monsters lurking around a mountain.

After reaching land again, they get lost in the foggy Unknown Road, where the carnivorous wendigo Mystical Ikimono is. The wendigo claims that the road belongs to her and thus she has all the right to eat the human heroines. Barely escaping, they encounter the zombie Sutorei, who is seemingly protecting someone.

While asking directions in order to reach the mountain, they reach Gishi's workshop, when they're attacked by either Gishi Rikigaku or Torakku Yurobito. Gishi is angry that the heroines are interrupting her reparations of Torakku's car while Torakku is angry at Miko and Ritsuka for defeating her in Mystical Lost Village and this destroying her car. After being defeated, Torakku confirms that they're monsters in the mountain.

In the mountain, the monsters Yumi Murasaki and Hitori are acting as guardians of "their creator" and attempted to stop the heroines from reaching and facing her. If they encounter Yumi, she is surprised to see them again and asks how did they escape the swamp after the events of Demons in Wonderland. If they encounter Hitori, he attacks Yumi because she annoyed him and proceeds to attack the heroines too.

With success, they reach the top of the mountain, where they see a strange shrine, the Kanrei Shrine. Here lies the true mastermind, Eria Kanrei. In the past she was betrayed by an evil god who transformed her into a monster which made her into an outcast between humans. She now wants revenge against the world and let her monsters roam free to accomplish it. In the end Eria is defeated and forced to give up on her plans for the time being.



  • The ending of the game acts as a sequel hook to Experienced Resident, since the identity of the god who ruined Eria's life it's revealed.

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