Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Monster Stories Across the Country ~ Monsters
Toppu's & Ryusei's Stage theme
  • Meteorite in the Jungle ~ Windy Forest
Toppu Rippa's theme
  • Wind Bushy Branch ~ Wild Sickle
Ryusei Furawa's theme
  • Wonderful Meteorite Rain ~ Asteroid Youkai
Mikoto's & Fujin's Stage theme
  • Ocean Breezes and Dark Clouds ~ Sea ​​Goddesses
Susanoo no Mikoto's & Fujin Kaze's theme
  • Stormy Bitterness ~ Storms of the Gods
Natsu's & Hane's Stage theme
  • Water Temple of Miraculous Rumors ~ Embarrassing Weather
Fuyu no Natsu's theme
  • Weather Events Converter ~ Unique Phenomenon
Hane Utsukushi's theme
  • Black Winged Angel Daughter ~ Cursed Spell
Ikimono's Stage theme
  • Horrible and Miraculous Mist Forest ~ Wendigo Psychosis
Mystical Ikimono's theme
  • Mystical Monstrosity Power ~ Borderlands
Sutorei's Stage theme
  • Dead Zombie Party ~ Metal Chain
Sutorei's theme
  • Scary Moments For Your Brain ~ Revenge of Lust
Gishi's & Torakku's Stage theme
  • Tools and Rally Championships ~ Repair Shop
Gishi Rikigaku's theme
  • Mysterious Engineer ~ Designer 200 Years
Torakku Yurobito's theme
  • Champion Racer Cat ~ Speedy Night
Yumi's & Hitori's Pre-Battle theme
  • Gloomy Stories Lead to Death ~ Twilight Secrets
Yumi Murasaki's theme
  • Religion Destroyed The Demon's Heart ~ Encrypted Magic
Hitori's theme
  • Crow's Power Transition ~ Emotional Scarecrow
Eria's Pre-Battle theme
Final boss - Eria Kanrei's theme
  • Monster of God and Creator ~ Tears of Roses

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