南西 雪荘谷

Distant Secluded Blizzard

Nansei 12 distant secluded blizzard by lenk64-d84ki8y
Developer Team Nansei
Publisher Team Nansei
Released Concept: October 28, 2014

Game: Unknown

Genre Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game
Gameplay Single-Player Story Mode
Followed by Expressive Illumination

Nansei Setsushotani ~ Distant Secluded Blizzard (南西 雪荘谷 〜 Distant Secluded Blizzard lit. Solemn Snow Valley from the Southwest) is the 12th official episode in the Nansei Project.

The first track in the album was released on October 28, 2014


Distant Secluded Blizzard/Gameplay


Distant Secluded Blizzard/Story

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