Playable Characters Edit

Enemy Characters Edit

Tenshi megami by lenk64-d84kiwu

Tenshi Megami
Stage 1 Midboss, Extra Midboss

Iruka by lenk64-d84kj25

Stage 1 Boss

Noomu saika by lenk64-d84n8sz

Saika Noomu
Stage 2 Midboss

Hinotama ruka by lenk64-d84n8ua

Ruka Hinotama
Stage 2 Boss

Matsu kago by lenk64-d84nbhj

Kago Matsu
Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss

Rizumu momo by lenk64-d84shy2

Momo Rizumu
Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 4 Boss

Kooya senshi by lenk64-d84t2ui

Senshi Kooya
Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss, Final Stage Midboss

Yukiko egami by lenk64-d84ww37

Yukiko Egami
Final Stage Boss

Zairyoo asako by lenk64-d850teo

Asako Zairyoo
Extra Boss

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