Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Relive The 80's in the Spring ~ Strange Inhabitants
Stage 1 theme
  • Fresh Air and Tropical ~ Romantic Sparkle
Stage 1 boss - Kaiga Kimyoona's theme
  • Wonderful and Joyless Art Dealer ~ Magically to Life
Stage 2 theme
  • Songs and Photography in Low Light ~ Forest Path
Stage 2 boss - Yawarakai Tanuki's theme
  • Tanuki Animal Bizarre Dance ~ Tanuki Singer
Stage 3 theme
  • Emergency Case in the City ~ Police Mission!
Stage 3 boss - Asuka Aoi's theme
  • Director of The Values O​ver ~ Police Commissioner
Stage 4 theme
  • Welcome to the Hanami Party ~ Night on The Town
Stage 4 boss - Hana Azayakana's theme
  • Hanami Festivals Confusion ~ Cherry Tree Leaves
Stage 5 theme
  • Destroyed The Church and The Cemetery ~ Futuristic Night
Stage 5 boss - Aomi Shijin's theme
  • Re-born Maiden Blood ~ Roses Pleasure
Final Stage theme
  • Dark Resident, Miles From Anywhere ~ Evil Sky
Final Stage boss - Akira Kurogane's theme
  • Shadows of The Dead Blood ~ God of the Dead
Extra Stage theme
  • Blood-red Space Basement ~ Fall in Love
Extra Stage boss - Shin Konen's theme
  • Non-Existent Creatures God ~ Unfathomable Dream
Ending theme
  • Thank You For Visiting ~ We Live in The 80's

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