南西 美術図

Expressive Illumination

N13 EI
Developer Team Nansei
Publisher Team Nansei
Released Concept: March 8, 2015

Game: Unknown

Genre Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game
Gameplay Single-Player Story Mode
Followed by Unconquered Album, Colorful Illumination (Remake)

Nansei Misubeto ~ Expressive Illumination (南西 美術図 〜 Expressive Illumination lit. Beautiful Extraordinary Technique from the Southwest) is the 13th official project in Nansei. It is the first Nansei Project to include character profiles in video descriptions.

The first track in the album was released on March 8th, 2014


Art has been disappearing around Kuusou no Sekai. Machines, videogames and banned books are being eradicated and stories about Miko's heroic efforts are being destroyed. Shaman Miko Kokunai goes to resolve the incident as usual while her friend Ritsuka Hayashi supports her from the shrine. The frog Kaeru Shiawase is upset that Miko went without her and was about to ask her friend Noroi, but Kira Sakka offered to help, as she is curious about the incident. The artist Kaiga Kimyoona receives a message from her old mentor that she has to leave her boyfriend Shin Konen and continue her "bringing artworks to life" studies or she’ll face the consequences. She chooses her love for Shin and goes to resolve the incident. While the golem Ragoni who now works for the Immortal Youkai Army was tasked to destroy any anti-IYA forces along the way. Reiji was supposed to be their partner, but this was changed to Rena Gunso on the last minute. Ragoni secretly believes that they'll meet the one behind their creation.


Additional Information


  • It's not a sequel to any specific project, but it ends many threads of Hills of the Gods, Experienced Resident, Distant Secluded Blizzard ect.
  • It introduces the "Empowering" mechanic. It's like a mix between telepathy used by main characters from Touhou SA & Skype Call. When sometimes someone (Ritsuka for example) wants to keep company of someone (Miko for example), but cannot go with this person (because has to stay in Kokunai Shrine), he/she will empower him. Empowering grants that someone some of their powers (Miko will have some of Ritsuka's natural abilities during the adventure). They will be able to of course talk with each other, just that person (Ritsuka) won't be there.

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