Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • This Song has Been Copyrighted by Muses
Stage 1 theme
  • Hunt for Art ~ Jackalope’s Path
Stage 1 boss - Manka Nanogimu's theme
  • Overshadowed Con Artist ~ Conflux Conflict
Stage 2 theme
  • Empowered by Feelings ~ Endless Motorway
Stage 2 boss - Kojiro's theme
  • Providence in The Shell
Stage 3 theme
  • Where All Frames Disappear ~ Breezetail Trail
Stage 3 boss - Takuto Yamaha's & Yumeko Kakenawa's theme
  • Romeo Forgot about Juliet ~ Neovengeance
Stage 4 theme
  • Black Mercy ~ Outdated Beauty
Stage 4 boss - Wyra Sonohoka's theme
  • No Heart, no Soul, and Two Wordholes ~ Pedantic Chaos
Stage 5 theme
  • Media's Forbidden Fruit
Stage 5 boss - Inogara Anagram's theme
  • Talismanic Sonata Copy ~ Banshee's Smile
Final Stage theme
  • Void Vine Auditorium ~ Quetzal-Quetzalcoatl
Final boss - Hiromi Hypolla's theme
  • Stymphalian Tetramorph's Concerto
Extra Stage theme
  • Stepping into the Machinery Shift ~ Monotonous Eternity
Extra Stage boss - Fayette Brghtsight's theme
  • Sinful Promethean Flare ~ Turn of Echoes
Phantasm Stage theme
  • Portal to The Fabricated World Awaits!
Phantasm Stage boss - Chusokarashi no Manaato's theme
  • Expressive Multi-tone Contrast ~ Second Renaissance
Ending theme
  • The Premiere Just Ended, The Rebirth Just Began

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