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冬 夏
Fuyu no Natsu
Fuyu no natsu by lenk64-d7jy7ok

Species Season Youkai

Seasonal abilities


850 years old


Wields the Summer Sword and the Winter Sword


Core City

Fuyu no Natsu (冬 夏) is a season youkai that controls seasons with the Summer Sword and the Winter Sword.

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Wields the Summer Sword and the Winter Sword

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Unknown Traveling EastEdit

Destructive Force MonsterEdit

She is one of the possible bosses. After Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito are flying across the sea, they encounter a water temple. Here, they find Fuyu, who is swinging her swords as she points them to the sky. When they ask her why did she abandon her post at the Nuclear Power Station seen in Unknown Traveling East, Fuyu replies that it wasn't the best place for her abilities. She challenges them for a fight out of boredom and is defeated.