Welcome to Zero's House Edit


Welcome to the Dollhouse

“I hate humans” the doll mused to herself as she flew across the gloomy village. The Lost Village. It wasn't a place she liked to visit very much, but she was in need of a place to live.

Humans. They were shallow, vainly creatures. They took what they could and threw it away after they were no more useful to them anymore. Especially dolls. She could feel the dolls’ pain, having been a doll herself before becoming a youkai.

The girl looked up and let out a gasp. While she was wandering around she somehow found herself drawn to a beautiful yet old mansion in front of her. She couldn’t help feeling a strange presence, an ominous presence.

Then she saw it.

“Ah, that is...!”

Porcelain eyes, a silky dress and ethereal white hair. A tiny, delicate girl looked outside, from one of the mansion’s windows. And she was staring intently at the girl, who couldn’t help but blush. After some seconds, the little white-haired girl turned away and rushed back into the mansion.

“That’s a doll! Definitely a doll!” the girl said excitedly. “But she was clearly moving around! How is that possible? Maybe I saw things and that wasn’t actually a doll...Or is it something similar to me?”

The house wasn’t abandoned; someone still lived there after all. Maybe if she entered she could find a place to live. Maybe she could meet the other doll.

The girl, going by the name of Miyako Yamagake, flew to the mansion, entering through the suspiciously open door.

Night Dance ~ Spirits Edit


Spirits Dancing around the Hall

Miyako entered the mansion slowly. There seemed to be no signals of life.

“Have I been imagining things?” she wondered as she flew towards the main hall. “No, this couldn’t be! I saw a walking doll inside this mansion.”

Her nostrils twitched slightly as the smell of old wooden furniture floated around her. Even though the room was decorated with beautiful bouquets of red roses in every corner, she could still feel it.

“Hello?” she spoke softly as she looked around the hall. Surely, the white haired doll must be upstairs, so she reached the first door she saw and opened it.

  • creak creak*

Miyako saw a silhouette at the other side of the door, and she nervously took her sword with her just in case. However, upon closer inspection she noticed it was a doll just like her, so she put down her sword and smiled.

Long white hair, bloodshot eyes and an excessively frilly black dress. It was also carrying a scythe.

A scythe?

“Oh, it’s a relief to see another doll at this big house” she said, extending her hand to the doll. “My name is Miyako Yamakage, what’s you-?”


The strange doll pointed the scythe at Miyako and swung it towards her.

She screamed.

Trials and Errors Leading to The Mystery Edit


One of Us

“Wait!” Miyako cried as she flew gracefully across the hall, trying to avoid the path of the armed dolls. She stared at them in confusion.

She was surrounded. Several white haired dolls, clad in red and black dresses were armed with scythes and ethereal lights. It was a sea of porcelain dolls and shining steel weapons. And they were all coming for her.

Her nostrils twitched slightly as the smell of old wooden furniture floated around her. Even though the room was decorated with beautiful bouquets of red roses in every corner, she could still feel it.

“In-tru-der, In-tru-der~”

Miyako lifted her sword nervously. She was confident that she had the power and abilities to take all these dolls down. But she didn’t have the heart to do it. After all, she had been once a doll so long ago....




There was a loud metallic sound as one of the dolls swung her scythe at her. Instead, it hit a nearby vase, which collapsed upon impact. Miyako happened to be next to the unfortunate vase and she could feel it's weight crushing her as she screamed in confusion, staring at the sea of porcelain armed dolls.

“Why are you attacking me?! I’m one of you!”

The dolls moved closer.

Rejected Realm ~ Virgo's Firmament Edit


Carrefour Room

Sozai Meiwakuna took a sip of her tea as she stared at the white-haired boy in front of her. The boy noticed and smiled at her. Sozai couldn’t help but blush a little. After all, he showed her nothing but kindness...

He was obnoxious, petty and a bit lecherous, but nobody’s perfect and she knew it. She was grateful for listening to Kibun’s prophecy that day. The day Zero Hagane arrived to the island, involuntarily saving her from a life of loneliness and self-loathing. Her days have been full of discoveries and happiness afterwards, and Sozai silently prayed it would continue this way forever.

A loud crash woke her from her entranced thoughts.

“What was that?!” she said, startled as she summoned a sphere of black matter in her hands. It was an involuntary reaction and she mentally scolded herself for it.

“Oops, looks like I went a little too far this time~” said Zero as he laughed sheepishly.

“What do you mean?”

“An unannounced guest came today to visit my place.” He cocked his head to the side and grinned. “I tried to send some of my dolls so she could have some play time, but it looks she’s rather bad at it~”

“But how could you know she was here?” asked Sozai, genuinely surprised. “You were having tea with me this whole time!”

“I’m also a ghost puppeteer too, you know~? My little dolls are aware of everything that happens outside this mansion.”

Sozai couldn’t let but sigh exasperatedly. Yes, that answer was so much like him. “That’s impressive, but what’ll you do with this guest?”

Zero just finished sipping his tea and rose from the chair. He extended his hand at Sozai with a smile, causing her to blush again.

“Let’s greet our little intruder, shall we?”

Unknown Phantasm ~ Haunted Edit


The Doll’s Cry

She didn’t want to do it. It was an involuntary action. Miyako started to shake as she looked down at her sword.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

The dolls had tried to strike her, so in a moment of self-defense she has swung her sword at the dolls with all of her strength, destroying them. Miyako cried as she continued to apologize to the now broken dolls, nothing more but a bunch of broken porcelain and cloth.

It was there when she saw it. She saw several ethereal lights abandoning the destroyed bodies. White transparent lights.


These dolls were possessed. Spirit possessed dolls. Her face contorted in a twisted expression.

“Liars! Your porcelain faker liars!”

Miyako could feel the anger boiling inside of her. But of course! These were not even real dolls, so it was okay to strike them down. But she was not angry at the now destroyed dolls or at the beautiful white haired doll that lured her into the mansion.

No, she was angry at the mansion’s master. She now was convinced that someone put spirits into these dolls and made them attack her. Who could be such a horrible person? Who was the heartless bastard who used these poor dolls as hosts for these spirits?

She heard a creaking door opening as she felt a strange, ominous presence. A tall figure slowly walked into the room, a red shining scar in their face.

“It’s you!”

Miyako glared at the figure and lifted her sword once again.

Blue-Red Innocence ~ Necromancer Edit


Playtime’s Over

Miyako glared at the white-haired boy in front of her, with an unsettling scar and a more unsettling aura. She could see he was the mansion’s owner and the one who controlled these dolls. She couldn’t accept it. She hated humans. Shallow, selfish humans, who threw away dolls when they got bored of playing with them. And he was no different, she was sure.

“Prepare to die! Copydoll [Cloning Dolls]!”

As if on cue, Miyako was surrounded by copies of herself. Five, ten, they were so many of her. The Miyakos grabbed their swords and pointed at the boy, willing to attack him, to kill him, to free these dolls. Zero didn’t move and just continued to smile.

“Feisty, aren’t you~?” he said, extending his hand at the slowly approaching Miyakos. “I like girls like you. I wonder if you can be a worthy playmate for my dear little doll. Come on, Pupa. Let’s play!”

In a few moments, a little white haired doll girl materialized in the air, holding a scythe and striking an attack pose.

“You....You are...!”

In that moment, Miyako stopped and gasped. She was the same doll from before. And they had finally met. She stopped and lowered her weapon, as all the clones did the same.

Everyone else looked confused at the scene. This doll-looking girl had just tried to kill Zero moments ago! Sozai looked at the doll and then back at the boy, not knowing what to say. While Pupa continued to grab her scythe, awaiting her master’s orders. Only Zero continued to smile.

“I see you took a liking to my Pupa, how cute~! You can have tea parties and play dress up! Aww, Isn’t it adorable~?”

Miyako stared at the carefree boy in front of her. She did not like him at all. He seemed obnoxious, loud and unlikeable. But she couldn’t help but notice the spark in Pupa’s eyes when she looked at him. It seemed like this boy was someone very dear to the white-haired doll girl.

“I got it! You can stay here for the time being and be my maid. After all, these dolls serve me in this mansion, and you’re a doll~”

“Whatever, but I’m not doing this for you, human!” Miyako shrugged while Zero looked over his shoulder to wink at a surprised Sozai. “I’ll rather take Pupa with me away from your kind, but it seems that she’s rather fond of you. So I’ll stay with her. Just for her and no one else, got it?!”

The doll didn’t appreciate the idea of serving that annoying boy. But as long as she could stay close to Pupa....she could be alright.


Pupa smiled at the former doll and all doubts disappeared for Miyako, who smiled back.

“Yes....just for you and no one else...”

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