Mirage of Venerable FortunesEdit


Species: Black Sparrow

Abilities: Neutralizing fortune

Age: Hatched 12 years ago

Occupation: Yasu's Pet

Location: Mirage Park Gate (Formerly), Forever Living Strawberry Fields (Home)

Hanikyoo: Yasu's cheerful, overprotective pet.

Hanikyoo is a mostly ordinary sparrow, with a surprisingly extraordinary ability to neutralize good and bad luck. On the surface, such an ability seems like it would be extremely valuable and sought after, but it’s actually completely useless for combat. Because of this, she’s as excessively weak as any other sparrow. According to rumors spread by networks of weak youkai, her ability may even cause more harm than good, as it’s resulted in conflict with her fellow sparrows. She seems to have a particularly bitter past with Uchikina...

Despite her frailty, she bravely fights the protagonists on the pathway leading up to Mirage Park to protect her owner Hamatte Yasu from harm. She’s completely oblivious to the fact that Yasu is actually supposed to be fighting others as part of her job. Yasu doesn’t seem bothered though; the two seem to share an affectionate connection. Yasu has even endearingly nicknamed her pet 'Tsugumi'. Hanikyoo passionately protects Yasu whenever she can, as she’s the only one that’s ever truly accepted her...or maybe she’s just doing it for the food.

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