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16 years old




Gryphon’s Street

Heart (ハート Haato) is a descendant of the Suit of Hearts. She's also Star's best friend.

General Information


She is a naive and girly girl who's very attached to her best friend. Unlike her ancestor, the ruthless Queen of Hearts, she's very innocent, obedient and trusting to a fault.

Heart also appears to be unaware of her surroundings, such as not noticing about how dangerous the Kingdom of the Cats was and escaping Wonderland, destabilizing the remaining suits more that it was.

Character Basis


Her name is the romanization of the word "heart" in Japanese romanization.

Background Information

After Alice’s visits to Wonderland concluded with the Queen of Heart imprisoned and the Cheshire Cat rising into power, the remaining four suits (Diamond, Spade, Club and Star) were imprisoned as slaves so they wouldn’t interfere with the Cheshire Cat’s dictatorship.

Heart was a descendant of the Suit of Hearts. She never noticed about the unjust laws of the Kingdom of the Cats and was an innocent girl wanting to become Queen someday.

One day, the rebellious current Suit of Stars, Star, travelled to Wonderland and met Heart. The two quickly became best friends, but Star was forced to return to her world, not before promising to see Heart again.


Wonder Execution Gamble

After Loredana Lockhart was crowned as Queen, Heart became upset that she wasn't chosen and ran away from Wonderland, unaware that Loredana didn't want to be the governor. On the way, she ran into Star. Happy and reunited after long years, the two girls embraced and they formed into a single being, Starrot Heartlet.