Possible Bosses/Possible Main CharactersEdit

Miko kokunai by lenk64-d88jvc4

Miko Kokunai
Main Character, Possible Boss


Himeka Akaito
Main Character, Possible Boss

Michio usanori by lenk64-d88raj2

Michio Usanori
Possible Boss


Mayoi Usanori
Possible Boss

Sakka aka by lenk64-d88uplw

Aka Sakka
Possible Boss

Taeko Yuhara3

Taeko Yuhara
Possible Boss

Hagane Zero (HotG)

Zero Hagane
Possible Boss

2014-12-07 13.46.57

Possible Boss

Gunso Rena

Rena Gunso
Possible Boss

Arakida ochosan by lenk64

Arakida Ochosan
Possible Boss

Bijonu ochosan by lenk64-d88zztz

Bijonu Ochosan
Possible Boss


Final Boss

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