Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • We will Comeback No Matter What
Miko's/Himeka's Stage theme
  • Small Sweet Adventure ~ Cute Spells
Miko Kokunai's boss theme
  • Naive Violet from an Ancient Poem
Himeka Akaito's theme
  • Princess Enchanting and Admirable Shrine
Michio's/Mayoi's Stage theme
  • Nature's Revelation ~ Kauneus
Michio Usanori's theme
  • Xeno-Alsatian ~ Omnibus of Youkai's New Era
Mayoi Usanori's theme
  • Compass of Destiny, The Volatile One
Aka's/Taeko's Stage theme
Aka Sakka's theme
  • Full Moon Mystical History ~ Maid
Taeko Yuhara's theme
  • Turned Into a Blood God ~ Silent Predator
Hagane's & Pupa-Chan's/Heiki's Stage theme
  • It's Dangerous to Move Here ~ Border Guard in The Fog
Hagane Zero's & Pupa-Chan's theme
  • Cold-Hearted Love Control ~ Oprawcy Pinokia
Heiki Gunso's theme
  • Army to The Border Trespassing ~ Half-Dead Frontier
Arakida's/Bijonu's Stage theme
  • Place of the God ~ Shinto Shrine
Arakida Ochosan's theme
  • Fate for Free ~ Freedom for Fate
Bijonu Ochosan's theme
  • Torpedo-like Aria ~ Gallant Gaze
Pre-Battle theme
  • Grey Expectations ~ Why you came here?
Final boss - Ragoni's theme
  • Termodynamical Remembrance ~ Diligite Ex Machina
Ending theme
  • Because Every God has to Come to an End