Fun FactsEdit

  • She and Tsuzeru Kazemeri originally weren't created by LENK64, but by her Finnish friend, according to her.
  • Himeka appears on the remastered cover of Toxic Difficulty, along with Tsuzeru.
  • She is the first Phantasm boss to be introduced in the Nansei Project.
  • Himeka is the only character that appears as a boss in 2 consecutive stages (in this case: God Hills).
  • Himeka, Niru, Tokei and Neoroko are the only Phantasm midbosses in the Nansei series.
  • Himeka (姫香) has these meanings: (hime) "princess" and (ka) "fragrance". Akaito means "red".
  • She is one of the two characters that have last spells (revive after being defeated the first time), along with Fuan and Hitori (and Tsuzeru?).
  • She is notably homeless for at least the duration of Unknown Traveling East.

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