Hitori's Syndrome is a running gag in Nansei series and in Nansei Dev Team. It's named after Hitori and it's used to indicate, when there's a character with puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation who...

  • less known than it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation;
  • ...apears twice less times than it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation;
  • ...debuts after it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation and stays in the series for less longer;
  • ...cannot appear without it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation in any projets;
  • ...had less design variation than it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation;
  • less important for the project's story than it's puppet/minion/pet/pupil/creation;

It appeared first in Autumnal Mythology with Hitori of course, who not only has appeared together with it's summoner -Fuan Satsujin-, not only he apeared again in the same project without her, not only he is more important to the story tha she is, not only he has apeared in more project since, not only Fuan never appeared in any project wthout him, but he also has more sprite's/designs variaty. Since his apear this gag appears on every possible occasion, like with:

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