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蛇 日焼
Hiyake Hebi
Hebi hiyake (CG) by lenk64

Species Snake Youkai

Manipulation of snakes


500 years old




Lost Village

Hiyake Hebi (蛇 日焼 Hebi Hiyake) is a snake youkai. She is a member of the Hebi Clan and the younger sister of Naomi Hebi.

General Information Edit



Manipulation of snakes

Role Edit

Mystical Lost VillageEdit

Chimera GenerationEdit

Hiyake is the Stage 6 Midboss. She is in the Desert Temple, trying to stop the heroines from accessing any further in order to protect her older sister Naomi, but is defeated.

Kodomo's Days in the FieldEdit

She is one of the possible bosses at Day 7, together with Yumi Murasaki and Tsuzeru Kazemeri. Her lantern is one of the items stolen by Panti no Kodomo.

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