Wonder Execution GambleEdit



Species: Human

Abilities: To make stars fall, Gain power from collecting doujin

Age: 15+ years old

Occupation: Magical Girl Novice

Location: Majutsu's Hut in Stardust Tabu

Hoshi Himawari: the naive magical girl from an alternate world devoid of magic.

Kuusou no Sekai, Wonderland, the Halloween World...All of these are known as “realms”. They each exist as an independent world and are relatively isolated from other worlds, though portals and other modes of transport can be stationed to allow interdimensional travel. Although there are vast differences in individual details, magic is a constant among these realms and many others. Inhabitants living in a realm of magic usually possess at least a basic knowledge of its existence and how to utilize it for spells. But there are exceptions.

The world Hoshi comes from is a notable example. In an attempt to protect the planet’s inhabitants from great threats associated with magic, the world’s creator placed heavy limitations on mana usage to ensure no one would use it improperly. Mana became almost entirely unusable, and those that did perform spells were always labelled evil witches or shameless liars. Magic has leaked into the current generation’s popular culture, but it’s treated as no more than a literary tool in fantasy fiction. Most people accept the worlds in fiction as pure make-believe and nothing more.

Hoshi, a human from one of the world’s Eastern countries, believes otherwise. After spending her entire life indulging in her favorite fantasy anime and manga, she has developed an undying faith that the worlds she loves so much are more than just fabrications. Determined that magic truly exists, Hoshi committed to becoming a magical girl.

No one could understand her. Her perpetually hyper and optimistic personality was seen as more than a bit weird; She was completely ignored by her peers and labelled as a shameless “otaku”. Despite her bubbly outlook on life, she actually felt quite lonely on the inside.

But Hoshi’s dreams didn’t go unanswered. One day, upon opening up her closet intending to get dressed for the next cosplay convention, a mysterious portal greeted her instead of her clothes. Consumed by excitement with no worries about what lied on the other side, Hoshi jumped in, and she entered the world of endless magic: Wonderland.

A gray rabbit greeted her and graciously explained everything. She informed Hoshi that the kingdom of Wonderland needed a powerful magical girl with a pure heart to defend the new queen, and after careful observation, it was obvious that Hoshi was the right choice for the job. The gray rabbit gave Hoshi a short time to accustom herself to Wonderland before escorting her to the main kingdom for training. Hoshi’s enthusiasm was immense; she excitedly began her exploration of Wonderland.

Before long, she came upon the house of who would soon become her best friend: Majutsu. After they learned that they shared a common goal in becoming magical girls, they immediately hit it off and began a wonderful friendship centered around experimenting with and teaching each other magic.

Months after their first meeting, Majutsu returned to her first home for a short time. During Majutsu’s leave, the gray rabbit approached Hoshi again, informing her that it was finally time. Hoshi was saddened that she would have to leave without Majutsu, but she swallowed her sorrow and prepared for the trip that would allow her to realize her dream.

Miko, Ritsuka, and Majutsu find her just as she’s leaving. Miko and Ritsuka explain their desire to defeat a gray rabbit, while Majutsu mournfully expresses that she doesn’t want Hoshi to leave. Hoshi regretfully has no choice but to view them all as enemies, even her closest friend, and she engages in her first serious magic duels with them.

Due to her inexperience, she’s beaten without much difficulty. She runs off with the gray rabbit to claim her title as Wonderland’s strongest magical girl, hoping she can prove to Majutsu that this is the right thing for both of them.

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