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蘚角 育人
Ikuto Koketsuno
Ikuto koketsuno by lenk64-dandzes

Species Dead Walker (formerly Human)

Transforming his blood into weapons


20 years old


Protecting his girlfriend, telling bad jokes


Sylvan Glades

Ikuto Koketsuno (蘚角 育人 Koketsuno Ikuto) is a human who became a dead walker.

General Information Edit

Personality Edit

Ikuto has a snarker personality who loves telling dark jokes and is easy to get hyped. But since he has a very creepy look, people get easily scared by him. He's very devoted to his girlfriend Kanna, the only person who showed him kindness after becoming a dead walker.

Abilities Edit

Transforming his blood into weapons Ikuto possesses the ability to use his blood as a weapon during fight. But in extremely desperate situations, he can unseal “Blood Rage”, a very powerful but also dangerous ability which allows him to control the blood of his enemies and gaining more physical strength. In exchange he loses his ability to recognize his allies and attacks everyone in his sight. Only Kanna is able to calm him down again.

Background Information Edit

Ikuto koketsuno child version by blankeye sigma-daedsio

Concept art of Ikuto upon being infected

Some time before the events of Performance of Rain, Ikuto was a normal boy, who lived in a small village together with his friends and his family. But suddenly the village was attacked by a “monstrous beast”. Though Ikuto survived this attack, his whole body changed and he became a dead walker.

After he got changed into a monster, the humans became scared of him and got worried that Ikuto would hunt humans and eat them if they allow him to stay here, so he was forced to leave the village and moved to the Sylvan Glades. Since then, he spend his days in isolation until he met Kanna Karitasu, after he saved her from a group of violent youkais.

Because of her ability to read people’s heart, Kanna saw that Ikuto was not a vicious monster like all people said and when she noticed that Ikuto couldn’t read or write well, she offered him to visit him every day so she could teach him. Ikuto was confused at first because he thought that all humans were scared of him, but they became a couple afterwards.

Character Basis Edit


His last name, Koketsuno (蘚角) has the kanji for (蘚 "budding") and (角 "horn"). Ikuto (育人) means "nursing person", which is ironic, considering his status.

Role Edit

Broken 4th Dimension Edit

Recently ikuto had become more savage and couldn't control his impulses, so he went on a journey to find a cure. He met the nun Amarella, who told him about her desire to "change the world for the better" and she promised that she would also undo his transformation into a dead walker by changing his past with the help of the clockmaster Mirai Chasov.

In exchange, Ikuto’s job was to protect the castle and fight everyone who dared to enter the Nocturne Castle. He fights against Miko Kokunai, Ritsuka Hayashi and Tokei Hijoshiki, but he's defeated. After Mirai is defeated and punished by her creator to be locked in the Nocturne Castle for eternity, Ikuto escapes the castle, but his condition haven't improved at all.

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