南西 永妖軍

Immortal Youkai Army

Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released November 6, 2013
Genre New Age
Tracks 09
Followed by Konsei (album)

Nansei Eiyougun ~ Immortal Youkai Army (南西 永妖軍 〜 Immortal Youkai Army lit. Eternal Army of Calamity from the Southwest) is a bonus soundtrack (not to be confused with the actual organization) by LENK64.


More about the dangerous organization which contributed into attempting to stop the humans in the Core City during the events of Unknown Traveling East and which former soldier Christian Finrando worked for is revealed. Vampire Kaoru Fumetsu is set as the main character.

It introduces new characters, such as the soldier siblings Reiji and Rena Gunso.

Music List

  • OST 1: Night Watch ~ Equipped Youkai
  • OST 2: Fantastic Festival ~ Immortal Ballad
  • OST 3: Unknown Eastern Road ~ East Road
  • OST 4: Nansei Fantasy ~ Kuusou no Sekai
  • OST 5: Nozomi's Space Dream ~ Satellite State
  • OST 6: Emotional Change in the Form ~ Serial Killer
  • OST 7: Youkai Military Training ~ Campsite
  • OST 8: Return to Field ~ Army
  • OST 9: AH-64 Air Force Wars ~ Air Raid!


  • The ending of the bonus album acts as a sequel hook to Border of Heaven since Nozomi Hachirobei expresses her interest in owning a space empire which she gets for a while in said game.