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イノガラ ・ アナグラム
Inogara Anagram
  • Normal Form
  • Ghost Form

Species Ragoni's Memory Wraith
  • Projecting memories
  • Using Talismans and Dreamcatchers





Always nearby Ragoni / Ominous Rooftops of Konsei

Inogara Anagram (イノガラ ・ アナグラム Inograra Anaguramu) also known as Inogara of The Trinity, is a strange being that appears to be a specter surrounded by mystical clouds. She is also Ragoni's memory wraith.

General Information


Despite being very misguided and her actions causing more harm than good in Expressive Illumination, Inogara is mostly harmless and naïve, preferring not to cause trouble. She loves wordplay of every kind, and frequently enjoys difficult puzzles in her spare time.


Projecting memories

She is capable of projecting the memories of anybody when needed. This is most likely an innate ability because of being Ragoni's memory wraith.

Using Talismans and Dreamcatchers

She is able to use talismans and dreamcatchers and puts them to use in her danmaku and spell presentations.

Background Information

Her true identity is Ragoni’s memory wraith, supposedly born from Ragoni’s consciousness. They were once inseparable and Inogara swore that she would help Ragoni find their original creator, but after the events of Hills of the God, she vanished.

Inogara decided that she wanted freedom for herself without being bound to another being, but she had no idea how to start. Then she found her purpose. Hypolla Hiromi, a concert pianist famous in Konsei approached her after hearing rumors about her, and proposed an idea to Inogara. The pianist insisted that a friend had recently wronged her and that she deserved to have revenge by sabotaging her friend’s most recent project, a machine to rejuvenate herself. Inogara agreed, excited to finally have a purpose, and helped Hypolla exact revenge by distracting said friend with memories of Ragoni, which made her fail her project.

She was completely unaware that said friend was Fayette Brightsight, Ragoni's inventor. Inogara chose not to think about the consequences of her actions, and instead focused on her new friendship with Hypolla.


Expressive Illumination

Art has been disappearing around Kuusou no Sekai. Machines, videogames and banned books are being eradicated. There are also rumors about the pianist Hypolla Hiromi wanting to start a nature revolution and ban all machinery. Before they could confront her, they're stopped by Inogara, who wants to protect her new friend, but is defeated. She is delighted to meet Ragoni again, but makes clear that she wants nothing to do with them and wants a life of her own together with Hypolla.

Days later, there are some strange fireworks in the sky, coming from the Tower of Pastel Sparks. Inogara reappears and guides the heroines to Fayette Brightsight, Ragoni's inventor.