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奇妙娜 絵画
Kaiga Kimyoona
Kaiga Kimyoona CIremake

Species Human

Paint creatures


28 years old (ER, Kodomo's Days, EI), 20 years old (CI)


Artist, Selling art


Konsei, Konsei Capital City

Kaiga Kimyoona (奇妙娜 絵画 Kimyona Kaiga) is an artist who is the girlfriend of Shin Konen.

General Information



Paint creatures

She is able to create a creature by drawing it on a piece of paper, as evidenced by her official artwork. To what extent she is capable of doing this, is unknown.


Experienced Resident

Kodomo's Days in the Field

She is one of the possible bosses at Day 5, together with Colonne Kuranty and Garagara no Yoru.

Expressive Illumination

Art has been disappearing around Kuusou no Sekai. Machines, videogames and banned books are being eradicated. Kaiga receives a message from her old mentor, that she has to leave Shin and continue her "bringing artworks to life" studies or she’ll face the consequences. She chooses her love for Shin and realizing that her mentor is suspiscious and maybe the one behind the banned art, goes to resolve the incident with Shin assisting her. There are also rumors about the pianist Hypolla Hiromi wanting to make a nature revolution and ban all machinery. Kaiga goes to confront her at the Grand Konsei Stage, but it turns out that Hypolla never wished for a radical change and was manipulated by the real culprit.

Days later, there are some strange fireworks in the sky, so Kaiga goes to the Tower of Pastel Sparks, where the lights come from. There, she meets Fayette Brightsight, Ragoni's creator. Because the machinery was also banned, Kaiga believes that Fayette was the one behind the incident, but it turns out not to be the case.

However even after defeating Hypolla and Fayette, the banning continues, so Kaiga goes to the Kuusou no Sekai’s Arch Gallery. Just like she suspected, the real culprit is her old mentor, Chusokarashi no Manaato. She's a failed experiment that was supposed to bring absolute knowledge to the world of Kuusou no Sekai. However, this failed because of Wyra Sonohoka's influence and now Manaato is determined to turn Kuusou no Sekai into a place full of art and erradicate everything else that's not artistic. She now wants to take Kaiga's paintings and claim them as her own, but is defeated.