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Mittsumete Kibun
Kibun Mittsumete - Mitty



Species Triclops

Looking into every possible future


200 years old




Abyssal Narthex

Kibun Mittsumete a.k.a Mitty is a triclops with the ability to see the future.

General Information



Looking into every possible future

She has the ability to see the future and her predictions always become true.


Unconquered Album

Mittsumete is wandering around the Abyssal Narthex. She is the Stage 5 Boss in Quanna Noayano's route and Stage 6 Boss in Hagane Zero's route.

In Quanna Noayano's route, the reporter becomes curious about seeing a triclops for the first time and engages on an interview battle with her. After being defeated, Mittsumete predicts her future: with the aid of a silver-haired girl, she will become the savior of Kuusou no Sekai. Quanna is thrilled about it, though she is curious about why she didn’t mention her newspaper. It's unknown it she was referring of how Shinshiazu and Quanna defeated Katame, discouraging her from attacking Kuusou no Sekai or if they'll save the land in the future, since by the end, Quanna and Shinshiazu become (reluctant) partners.

In Hagane Zero's route, Muzai Masuku guides him to where thr triclops is, because apparently it's very important for him to go. Upon meeting Mittsumete, Zero finds her cute like the other youkai girls around the island. Until Mittsumete tells him his fortune: that one day he would love a human girl and cherish her more than his dolls. Offended, he attacks the triclops in return. After her defeat, Mittsumete guides him to the Unearthly Chapel, where the human girl from his fortune is: Sozai Meiwakuna.

It's revealed that before the events of the game, Mittsumete saw Sozai's future and saw that a mysterious boy would rescue her from the life of solitude. Sozai, Mittsumete and Muzai knew all along that Zero would be that person.