南西 果旅諌

Legend of Journey

Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released 19 May, 2016
Tracks 06
Followed by Immortal Youkai Army: RE

Nansei Karyoukan ~ Legend of Journey (南西 果旅諌 〜 Legend of Journey lit. Succesful Dissuading Journey from the Southwest) is a bonus soundtrack by LENK64.


It introduces two new characters: Terue Nejireta and Isame Deuchi.

Music List

  • OST 1: Green Asteroid Forest
  • OST 2: Lotus Dream Garden ~ Ritsuka's Garden
  • OST 3: Youkai Kids Dancing on The Bridge ~ Rain Dance
  • OST 4: Time Traveling ~ Future
  • OST 5: Commander Tengu ~ September Madness
  • OST 6: The Unstoppable Journey


  • The first track, Green Asteroid Forest, is an arrange of Welcome to Green Asteroid Forest from Asteroid Forest, an unreleased (and presumably scrapped) bonus soundtrack.