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翼 レイラ
Leila Tsubasa
Leila Tsubasa

Species Lunarian

Teleporting short distances, enforcing antigravity


Over 1,000 years old




Meteor Flower Airport

Leila Tsubasa (翼 レイラ Tsubasa Reira) is a lunarian pilot working at the Meteor Flower Airport. She is also Lunar Tsubasa's twin sister.

General Information



Teleporting short distances, enforcing antigravity

Background Information

Leila and her sister Lunar used to live on the moon. At some point Leila escaped and arrived to Kuusou no Sekai, where she started to work in an airport as a pilot.

Years later, Lunar escaped to Kuusou no Sekai as well, to become a chef. The sisters reunited again and Leila adviced Lunar to work at the Maid Café.


Unconquered Album

Leila is working as a pilot at the Meteor Flower Airport. She is the Stage 2 Boss of Quanna Noayano and Christine Seaphere's routes.

In Quanna Noayano's route, Quanna and Christine want to investigate about the Northeastern Island, so they go to board a plane where Leila is the pilot. Quanna recognizes that Leila is the sister of Lunar Tsubasa and engages on an interview battle with her. After being defeated, Leila lifts the plane onto the air with her powers and the go towards the island. She refuses to tell Quanna about her past with Lunar, though.

In Christine Seaphere's route, which happens at the same time as Quanna's; Leila’s bubbly attitude completely shifted into a confrontational one when Christine asks if she knew anything about the island that they didn't know. Afraid to lose her customers, Leila attacks Christine. After she is defeated, Leila confesses that she saw a wretched looking monster with tentacles roaming the land from her cockpit when she flew there.