Autumnal Mythology & Kodomo's Days in the FieldEdit

Lunar tsubasa by lenk64-d7yoanj

Species: Youkai

Abilities: Knife proficiency, turn things and objects upside down

Age: 1000 years old

Occupation: Kitchen Chef

Location: Maid Café

Lunar Tsubasa used to live on the moon, but despite her family and people being against it, she always looked up for adventure, anywhere she could find it. That’s how she discovered making new recipes out of the scarce resources of the moon - mochi, peaches and sea salt mainly - was an activity she enjoyed. So much that when she heard rumors about Earth being all the more diverse in terms of fragrances and ingredients, she began, in secret, to plan an escape from her home world. For her people anyway, making a spacecraft was easier than a good soup.

After several tries during which she was caught off limits by lunarian drones and handed over to her parents - who thought it was only a teenager’s crisis - she finally managed to escape her bland life, and came down to what she believed was Earth. Alas, there lied yet another layer of natural defense that opposed her trip to the blue planet: the dream corridors - a myriad of dream worlds entangling together. The inevitable happened: without any formation on how to navigate these spaces, and as the government of the Moon was deliberately suppressing any information on the existence of those to avoid any public inquiry, she crashed into one of these worlds.

Kuusou no Sekai wasn’t, to be fair, at all like what was announced in any recipe book she had read. No: it was far, far better. Even richer in flavours than Earth was supposed to be. It was, to the young girl, truly a paradise. Even though she knew she had to find a place to live, and a work to earn her life now.

She decided to land near the biggest city of the small island, recognizable in the night thanks to the bright, futuristic lights, despite an architecture closer to that of feudal earthen east. There, she looked around for a bit, trying to find a tourism office somewhere. After looking for a while without success, she got the idea she may as well visit the Airport.

She was aghast to find out her older sister, Leila, was actually working in this very airport. After discussing for a bit, she agreed to help her rather than send her back home - after all, her job was born out of passion for the space as well. It’s also the pilot that found the perfect job for Lunar: a post as a maid assistant in a Café in the woods nearby. The place wasn’t very accessible, but it was strategically placed at the crossroad of several regions, so that humans and youkais alike could meet.

The rest, you surely do know it, dear reader. Years after years, Lunar perfected her recipes, manners and skills, working her way up until she got appointed to the post of kitchen chef - her long coveted dream. That day, she had only one rival left : a former shrine maiden, reconverted to waitress, known for being a tad too perfectionist, but diabolically effective.

As she was ranking up, Lunar also perfected her proficiency in self-defense: most of the clients being, after all, youkais of all sorts more or less blood thirsty. It’s around her hiring that she began training in knife throwing, while inventing a pretty clever way not to actually harm the client : reversing the polarity of the projectile so that it would come back to her hand. This single spell became her specialty, and she eventually became so good with it she was able to throw upside down the very powers of her colleagues while in training session

Speaking of them, two remained far longer than the other maids that got too stressed out of the job and left after only a few months in average. The first girl, named Aka, was around Lunar’s age, and was hired a few months after her own arrival. They had been the best of friends for the whole time they had worked there. Her power was to create and change history - something she used with great ability during times of war so that the Maid café would miraculously be in neutral territory.

The second one, named Tokei, was barely 35 years old, though in maturity she appeared to both Lunar and Aka as far, far older than her age suggested. That was because she was human. The first to dare propose her services in this establishment since ages. The woman told them she was trying to find a safe haven to escape someone who would surely track her soon enough, and that being the target of pesky youkais would be holidays compared to what she had lived. Her power, surprisingly enough for a human, was time stop. This was oddly familiar to Lunar for some reason...

Broken 4th DimensionEdit

Lunar tsubasa by lenk64-damz6kc

Species: Lunarian

Abilities: Throwing knives, turning everything upside down

Age: 1000+ years old

Occupation: Novice cook

Location: Maid Café

One morning, as she finished her day of work and went outside, she fell a chill down her spine. She was about to draw her knives to battle the intruder she was suspecting just went past her but then... she noticed something was awfully off…

Her hands were smaller. The same size they were when she arrived in Kuusou no Sekai, to be exact. Even her clothes were the same.

She began looking around, a chill going down her spine, as she was trying to find Tokei or Aka - but alas they were nowhere to be found. Had she forgotten? Was it a dream? No it was all too real. The place was just not the same. Her only hope now was to go back to Konsei, in the hopes her sister would still work in the same airport. That, or she would have to go find that pesky shaman, Miko, who pretended to solve the incidents that happened to this world to barge into people's’ establishments and wreak havoc without any permission, as she had done with hers a few years ago now.

As she was wondering what was the best course of action to take, she tumbled upon, to her surprise, Tokei, who was accompanied Miko herself, and a friend of hers, Ritsuka - another troublemaker that made her lost a good couple of clients.

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