Expressive IlluminationEdit


Species: Mythic Human

Abilities: Reveal thoughts with speech bubbles

Age: 18-19 years old

Occupation: Wanna-be-comic Maker, Con Artist

Location: Beige Path Ambit

Manka Nanogimu, the perpetually unsuccessful comic artist scammer.

Manka was born into the Nanogimu family, an extremely rich family that specializes in creating and selling beautiful 3D paintings. Her early life in the family was comfortable, but her ability to express her thoughts and the thoughts of others through speech bubbles revealed unpleasant secrets about the family. On top of this, once she decided that she wanted to draw comics for a living, her family disowned her for being a disgrace.

Now, as an inexperienced artist, she attempts to scam others into buying her works to make a living, but her ability makes tricking others difficult. Manka hopes to one day abandon her life as a con-artist and live her dream of making comics free from guilt, but without a mentor that seems impossible.

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