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佑作法 眞善
Mayoi Usanori

Species Fox goddess/ Inari

Power of suggestion


1050 years old


Helping people


Mayoi's Shrine

Mayoi Usanori (佑作法 眞善 Usanori Mayoi) is a fox goddess living in the Mayoi Shrine with her daughter Michio Usanori.

General Information Edit


Mayoi is very protective of her daughter Michio and often uses her persuation powers to help people, such as cure hurting memories. However, she also used her powers to turn the emotionless Shinshiazu into a killing machine.

She also helps with Michio's studies, because her daughter is interested about human's culture and Mayoi can also learn somethings from her child aswell.


Power of suggestion

With her power of suggestion, Mayoi can suggest you practically everything, break your mental barriers and make you believe practically everything. She can use it both to offer help and cure hurting memories, but she can also use it in offensive way to protect her daughter.

Background Information Edit

Role Edit

Hills of the GodEdit

Unconquered AlbumEdit

She doesn't appear, but apparently she manipulated Shinshiazu into becoming a monster hunter. In the end, after Katame uses her power to bring back past trauma in order to make Shinshiazu realize that she was being manipulated, the hunter becomes angry and bows revenge on Mayoi.

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