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未来 チャソブ
Mirai Chasov
Mirai chasov by lenk64-danhv4n

Species Zorigami

Creating and Manipulating Time






Nocturne Castle Hall

Mirai Chasov (未来 チャソブ Mirai Chasobu) is a zorigami and the Clockmaster of Kuusou no Sekai, who is locked inside the Nocturne Castle.

General Information



Creating and Manipulating Time

Background Information

Mirai was created by a strange god to be the Clockmaster of Kuusou no Sekai. Shortly after she was brought to life, her creator taught her how to use her power, commanding her to stay in the Nocturne Castle and take up her role as the administrator of time. It was forbidden for her to leave the castle or to use her power for selfish reasons. Mirai obeyed in all her master's orders, but she soon started developing emotions of her own.

Soon, she grew curious of the world outside of the Nocturne Castle and disobeyed her master for the very first time. Mirai wandered around Kuusou no Sekai and was amazed by those unique places and people. She also met a clockmaker who fell in love with her and the feeling was mutual between them. Mirai lived happily for a few weeks until the god found out. They killed the clockmaker and forced Mirai back into the Nocturne Castle. Traumatized and not wanting to be the Clockmaster anymore, she decided to search for students who could replace her.

These students were Lunar Tsubasa, Tokei Hijoshiki and Hora Clockwise. All of them abandoned her after they found out the truth about Mirai's motives. Lunar and Tokei escaped to Kuusou no Sekai (albeit separately), while Hora was imprisoned in the castle. Hora commited suicide afterwards, leaving Mirai alone and devastated.


Broken 4th Dimension

Mirai was approached by the nun Amarella, who wanted to "change the world for the better". She convinced her to alter the timeline, so that certain incidents that happened in Kuusou no Sekai would never happen. These included the banned art incident, which resulted in several people being erased from existence or de-aged. With this power, Mirai also ensured Hora would not commit suicide so she would suceed her as the new Clockmaster.

Afterwards, she's confronted by Miko Kokunai, Ritsuka Hayashi and Tokei. Mirai gloats that she will continue helping Amarella with her plans of changing Kuusou no Sekai and proceeds to capture Tokei, but she's defeated. When the heroines find the clocktower, Mirai fights them again so they would not reach Hora, but she's defeated again.

In the end, the god finds out and punishes Mirai by locking her up in the Nocturne Castle forever. While she's sad that she could never be a part of Kuusou no Sekai, at least she's happy that Lunar, Tokei and Hora are reunited together again.