Mirage of Venerable FortunesEdit


Species: Human

Abilities: Detecting and manifesting others desires

Age: 22 years old

Occupation: Waitress (Formerly Shrine Maiden)

Location: Miyu Keika’s 6 Star Omnicourse Roller Coaster Deluxe Restaurant

Miyu Keika: the perfectionist attendant attempting to find her sacred calling.

Born to a family of shrine maidens, Miyu's fate was naturally to become a shrine maiden along with the rest of her family. At the time, she was young and had no objections; enough profit to make a comfortable living was the only thing that really mattered. She couldn't have comprehended or appreciated the benefits of being a shrine maiden until her position was stripped away against her will.

Her job came with the amazing ability to directly communicate with and receive help from one of Kuusou no Sekai's deities. In the short time Miyu had her job, this deity guided her in all of her affairs. Their most critical job was handing out O-Mikuji on New Year’s Eve; the deity would be the one to bless or curse visitors, and Miyu reported it using the O-Mikuji. They were able to accomplish this their first few years together with no trouble.

Then the “year of blessings” came. Miyu was instructed to only give out great blessings to others that year, and absolutely no curses. It was a radical occurrence that had never happened before, and the deity refused to tell Miyu why this was being done. Fearing the potential consequences of defiance, Miyu chose to obey. Initially, it was a joyous event; hundreds expressed sincere gratitude towards Miyu and the deity. But it would not remain this blissful; shortly after the event, things turned sour for Miyu. Miyu lost all contact with her deity with no explanation. She was sent into shock. Why would this happen? Was it all a test that she failed?

After losing contact with her deity, she was no longer able to stay a shrine maiden; she ventured off in search of a new job. This kickstarted a rigorous journey of self-discovery for Miyu, and a realization that she should have cherished her job as a shrine maiden much more than she did. Constant opportunities to make others happy; what could be better? Following the experience, she committed to never settling for a job again unless it gave her personal fulfillment.

She eventually received a job as a waitress. It was certainly fun and came with it’s wealth of benefits; constantly being followed around by the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread, for example. It was just barely enough...Yet, it didn't feel nearly as fulfilling as her duty as a shrine maiden. She continued to wonder why she lost contact with the deity at all, and a deep confusion enveloped her; could she really have been punished for blessing countless lives? She plead to her deity for an answer. Months later, she finally heard her voice again. But, this time, the way the deity spoke was uncharacteristically frantic. This time she needed Miyu’s help.

They organized a secret meeting so they could discuss matters in person, and Miyu finally learned about the events that transpired over the past few years. Moreover, a plan was set in motion; a plan that could bring Miyu the fulfillment she desired...

Miyu is a perfectionist at heart; she’s actually incredibly skilled in every endeavor she takes on, but is rarely satisfied with her accomplishments. As a member of the gauntlet, she established a restaurant in Mirage Park as a location for her customers to fight her...and arguably went overboard in trying to make her restaurant the “ultimate experience.” She doesn’t let her perfectionism get in the way of her fighting though; she fights the protagonists fully intending to be defeated as a part of the plan. Right now, she can only take simple pleasure in the thrill of each fight that comes her way, until her deity’s plan is fulfilled. Then, she may have the chance to become more than just a typical waitress.

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