Playable CharactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit

Mepuru by lenk64-db57wt6

Stage 1 Midboss

Airi by lenk64-db57xxs

Stage 1 Boss


Kairo Genkakuwase
Stage 2 Midboss, Stage 2 Boss


Tangan Muishiki
Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss

Tsukiko hatsumei by lenk64-db5ir04

Tsukiko Hatsumei
Stage 4 Midboss

Terue nejireta by lenk64-db5ir4v

Terue Nejireta
Stage 4 Boss

Minato monokuro by lenk64-db5msq1

Minato Monokuro
Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss, Final Stage Midboss

Hikaru yamamoto by lenk64-db5n95e

Hikaru Yamamoto
Final Stage Boss

Megami inazuma by lenk64-db5o57e

Megami Inazuma
Extra Stage Midboss, Extra Stage Boss (with Raijin)

Raiden kaminari by lenk64-db5o5g7

Raiden Kaminari
Extra Stage Boss (with Megami)

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