Mirage of Venerable FortunesEdit

Stage 3Edit

Mu by lenk64-d8zmqqh

Species: Doppelgänger

Abilities: Manipulation of mirrors

Age: 10 years old

Occupation: Common Informer

Location: Hall of Familiar Mirrors

Mu, The Doppelgänger Mediator.

An enigmatic creature with a bizarre affinity to mirrors. Despite her completely unknown history, questionable preferences, and frightful appearance, she seems to have no problems at all with befriending others. Mu is almost perpetually friendly, constantly seeking out companions and desiring to protect them with all of her strength. Rumors float around that her circle of friends is incomprehensibly large, even exceeding the thousands.

Mu is able to get along with so many due to her incredibly malleable personality. She’s an expert at knowing exactly what to say and when to say it to get what she wants, though no record of her using this skill for malicious intent exists. Mu happily accepts the opportunity to work at the amusement park when Ritta presents it, and she proceeds to befriend every staff member. Unbeknownst to Ritta, Mu showed great interest in the plan Miyu and her deity created. She would eventually help in recruiting some of the most important followers Miyu and her deity needed.

If the protagonists choose the “Hall of Familiar Mirrors” route, they’ll fight Mu as a part of the gauntlet. Mu easily gets along with the protagonists, even the relatively antisocial Totte. When they ask her about her peculiar mirror with a mouth and the eye on her chest, Mu insists neither have any purpose. They’re nothing more than, in her words, “blind accessories”.

Extra StageEdit

Mu kaede zhoaku by lenk64-d90bu4l

Species: Doppelgänger

Abilities: To reflect personalities and appearances, to create nothingness

Age: 16 years old (due to nothingness distortion)

Occupation: Everyone’s replacement

Location: Nothingness

Mu Kaede Zhoaku, the difference between creation and destruction.

Once, a being of god-like power that transcended understanding existed. To say she existed only within Kuusou no Sekai would be inaccurate, as she was a being capable of hopping between dimensions. Her origin is unclear, and she seemed to hop between dimensions with no real purpose, viewing different worlds at her leisure for entertainment alone. Through her aimless journeys, she stumbled upon Kuusou no Sekai.

This being became almost immediately attached to Kuusou no Sekai above all other worlds she visited. A literal world of fantasy; she had visited others like it, but something about this world possessed a special charm that reached deep within her soul. She now had a new goal in her existence: to make Kuusou no Sekai absolutely perfect. For herself, for it’s residents, and for anyone who had the wonderful opportunity to taste of this world in the future. She quickly got to work on modifying Kuusou no Sekai to fit her vision of an ideal world.

However, despite her good intentions, her perception of perfection was skewed. She was harshly criticized for her early attempts at revising Kuusou no Sekai, often being accused of desiring unreasonable or outright bizarre changes from others. Eventually, she was struck with words that stung her: “There’s no way you can hope to make this an ideal world if you don’t even know what the people living here want!”

The great being didn’t want to admit it, but it was true. She needed a way to know the thoughts and desires of others to make it a flawless world. She had a wide range of knowledge about Kuusou no Sekai and knew exactly who could help her in such an endeavor: Mittsumete Totte. But the great being knew Totte wouldn’t easily agree with her ideals, so she decided to take a risk. She would steal Totte’s ‘spiritual eye’, the 3rd eye within Totte’s personal realm that gave her mind-reading abilities. A peek into Totte’s personal realm nowadays would reveal hundreds, if not thousands of red eyes used for physical sight, but in the past, she also possessed a great spiritual eye in that realm. And if the great being was crafty, she could steal it from Totte. Using her dimension hopping abilities to transport into Totte’s realm, she assimilated the spiritual eye into her own body, and she gained the ability to read minds that she needed to make Kuusou no Sekai perfect.

But Totte is aware of everything that occurs in her realm. She noticed the great being immediately, and swiftly transported her into one of her prison cells as soon as she could. But the damage had already been done; the spiritual eye was gone from Totte’s realm and she could no longer regain it. Meanwhile, the great being was trapped within the prison with no way to escape. They had both lost from the exchange.

Then a chance for Totte to profit from the exchange occurred. The gods told Totte about Karen and the crucial need to imprison her, and Totte agreed to imprison Karen...On the condition that they would force the great being through a specialized rebirth. No matter how intelligent Totte was, she couldn’t control life like a god could. She requested for the great being to have every part of her old self stripped away, physical and spiritual. In place of her old personality, a new one would exist: Totte’s personality. This way, Totte could easily utilize the rebirthed being in her schemes.

The gods could easily seal away her personality, but they could not simply create a new personality for her. Personality is formed by one’s experiences and memories; they were forced to take another route. They decided to implement a “reflection property” into the new being. From this point on, she was a new creature; a creature optimized as a slave. She had no personality or physical form of her own. She could only reflect the personalities and appearances of those she met. She became the ultimate mirror: Mu Kaede Zhoaku.

Mu Kaede is able to store personalities and appearances within herself as if she was an all-encompassing database. She can pull from any personality or appearance she knows at any given moment, but she absolutely must assume some personality or form in order to sustain her own existence. Within a physical world such as Kuusou no Sekai, if Mu Kaede possessed no body or spirit, she would be in great danger of fading away.

But a flaw existed within her design. Mu Kaede was forced to reflect others in a physical world, but what would become of her in a world devoid of anything at all? Despite her stripped away personality, Mu Kaede retained the ability to think with pure logic alone, and this question constantly came back to her in moments of complete isolation. Perhaps unconsciously, she started to recognize that there was more to life than simply being a slave. Mu Kaede sensed her old self buried deep within her; she needed to pull it out. What did she originally look like, what personality did she originally possess? Perhaps this new philosophy was the beginning of a “new” personality for Mu Kaede, one that could sustain her life without needing to rely on reflecting others. But as it was in it’s unrefined stages, Mu Kaede couldn’t risk existing off of this miniscule trace of new personality alone. She continued to reflect others while conducting her plans.

Mu Kaede secretly escaped from Totte’s mansion, with a new resolve to discover her old self. The question “Would I need to remain a mirror in a world where there’s nothing left to reflect?” pushed her forward. She needed to achieve a state of pure isolation separate from this physical world; she believed that was her ticket to unearthing her old personality and appearance. A state that goes by many names. Void. Emptiness. Nothingness.

Mu Kaede befriended many to learn as much as she could about the world of Kuusou no Sekai, and she quickly learned that the only being that would know how to create a state of perfect nothingness was Zairyoo Asako. As one of the strongest mages, she created hundreds of spellbooks containing the most powerful spells, and one of them would surely contain the magic behind creating nothingness.

Typically, Asako’s house is completely sealed off and impossible to gain access into, but Mu Kaede observed her dealings from a distance and spotted her taking care of a child. This was her chance. In one of Asako’s few blind spots, Mu Kaede murdered the child Asako was looking after, assumed the child’s form, and snuck into Asako’s home disguised as the child. The next day, Mu Kaede stole all of Asako’s books, and began reading them all in a secret chamber.

She found exactly what she desired: The spell of nothingness. One of the most advanced and dangerous spells to ever exist; At it’s maximum power, it’s theoretically unstoppable. Still, Mu Kaede learned something else in her readings. She learned of the gods above, and how they would surely intervene if such a dangerous spell started to devour the world they were given dominion over. Mu Kaede decided that, first, she would dispatch the gods. Then, if she needed to, she would envelop the entirety of Kuusou no Sekai. At it’s maximum output, Mu Kaede could theoretically envelop both Kuusou no Sekai and the heavens in her nothingness with no real difficulty, but this would be incredibly taxing on her magical ability. Thus, she remained patient to ensure her success.

Over the next several years, she continued to establish many contacts, disguising herself as one of the “friends” that she murdered so she could assume her identity and even a fake age. One of the contacts she met was Ritta Cadaret. Mu Kaede never felt Ritta would be very useful, and when Ritta forced her into an amusement park job, Mu Kaede initially felt it was a pointless waste of time. That is, until she met Karen. Due to her reflection property in conjunction with Totte’s spiritual eye, Mu Kaede fully knew Karen’s plans the instant she saw her. It was clear: Mu Kaede now had everything she needed to carry out her plans. She would join Karen’s team and be a part of the gauntlet. She would even find Asako and Honoka and recruit them into the team, perfectly disguised so they couldn’t recognize her. Then, once Karen succeeded and overthrew the gods, Mu Kaede would backstab them all and envelop the heavens in as much nothingness as she needed to.

This was her “flawless” plan; but it was destroyed as soon as Karen’s flawless plan was struck down by the protagonists. Such a dramatic failure was not accounted for. Mu Kaede logically deduced that if even such a well constructed plan could fail, there would be no safe way to enter the heavens and overthrow the gods. So she decided to take a risk, and began to envelop the entire amusement park in nothingness at her maximum output. She kept Ritta from being absorbed into the nothingness, keeping her alive as a pawn for protection. Mu Kaede insisted that she was only rebuilding the amusement park to be even better, and Ritta was thoroughly tricked.

The protagonists enter her new state of nothingness and find her. Mu Kaede has succeeded in being immersed in an absolute void. And with her success, her question of “Would I need to remain a mirror in a world where there’s nothing left to reflect?” was answered.

She ceased being a mirror, and no longer needed to reflect the personality of anyone in her database in order to retain her existence. However, it also backfired, wiping away what little “new” personality she had built up over the years without unearthing her old one. All that was left was a broken mirror, fully emotionless and apathetic towards the world outside of her personal realm. The apathy was so strong, it even seemed to slowly infect the protagonists the longer they stayed in the void. Mu Kaede, even at this point, thinks that she might be able to reach beyond the broken mirror and know of her true self if she creates enough nothingness.

She may be right. But, the protagonists won’t let her commit such an act! They fight her with all of their strength, determined to protect the Kuusou no Sekai they love. Likewise, Mu Kaede fights with all of her might to achieve her goals...Unaware that regardless of the outcome, she’s already lost.

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