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仮面 むざい
Muzai Masuku
Muzai Masuku

Species Dwarf

Finding alternate paths with her lantern


13 years old


Tour Guide


Plans Atrium

Muzai Masuku (仮面 むざい Masuku Muzai) is a dwarf working at the Northeastern Island as a tour guide. She is also Chisai Masuku's younger sister.

General Information



Finding alternate paths with her lantern


Unconquered Album

Muzai is working at the Northeastern Island as a tour guide. She was originally from Kuusou no Sekai, so this surprises everyone. She is the Stage 4 Boss in Christine Seaphere's route and Stage 5 Boss in Hagane Zero's route.

In Christine Seaphere's route, after the troublemaker Aisoo Warai is defeated, at least she has the courtesy to tell her where she could find the best tour guide around, which happens to be Muzai. Muzai tells Christine that she is willing to answer her and guide her wherever she wished, but only after she proved herself in a duel. After Muzai is defeated, she reveals that the barrier that covers the island is made of dark matter. In Christine's ending, after the half-youkai is bothered by Sozai Meiwakuna's melancholic and unstable attitude, she asks Muzai to find someone who can help Sozai.

In Hagane Zero's route, Muzai listens to Christine's request and goes looking for the person who'll help Sozai, which happens to be Zero. Muzai offers to act as his tour guide, but the obnoxious puppeteer is more interested in the youkai girl than sightseeing. She refuses to come back to Kuusou no Sekai though, saying she used to live there but she decided to leave. Zero challenges to a battle in an attempt to convince her, but she still refuses and guides him to Kibun Mittsumete, who works as an oracle and can give him answers.