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ミスティカル ・ イキモノ
Mystical Ikimono
Mystical ikimono dfm


Misutikaru Ikimono

Species Wendigo

Eat people


666 years old


Darkness Wanderer


Unknown Road

Mystical Ikimono (ミスティカル ・ イキモノ Misutikaru Ikimono) is a wandering wendigo and one of the monsters created by Eria Kanrei.

General Information Edit



Eat people

Background Information Edit

Role Edit

Unknown Traveling EastEdit

Destructive Force MonsterEdit

There are monsters lurking around a shrine in the top of an isolated mountain. Even though Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito originally wanted to find about about the fallen meteorite in the Jungle, they cannot ignore the monsters.

After crossing the sea, the heroines land at the Unknown Road, where they're ambushed by Ikimono. Since the road is her territory, she tries to eat the heroines (but not before asking politely if she can eat them). In the end, she is defeated and the heroines are forced to flee in terror.

It's revealed that Mystical is one of the creations of Eria Kanrei, but it's unknown if she's aware of it.

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