Playable charactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit

Maruten Mio

Mio Maruten
Stage 1 Midboss, Stage 1 Boss, Final Stage Midboss

Sutorei by lenk64-d7b12j9

Stage 2A Midboss, Stage 2 Boss, Stage 3 Midboss

Aruku by lenk64-d7b12kw

Stage 2B Midboss, Stage 2 Boss, Stage 3 Midboss

Hagane zero and pupa chan by lenk64-d7b12fw

Zero Hagane
Stage 3 Boss

Garagara no yoru by lenk64-d7b12d4

Garagara no Yoru
Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss

Gishi rikigaku by lenk64-d7b12ex

Gishi Rikigaku
Stage 4 Boss, Extra Stage Midboss

Hebi hiyake by lenk64-d7b12a3

Hiyake Hebi
Final Stage Boss

Yurobito torakku by lenk64-d7b127r

Torakku Yurobito
Extra Stage Boss

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