Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Welcome to Mystical Village ~ Lost Village
Stage 1 theme
  • Foggy and Empty Village ~ Abandoned Feelings
Stage 1 boss - Maruten Mio's theme
  • Marten Habitat Phenomenon ~ Branch of Magic
Stage 2 theme
  • Mood Barren Place ~ Zombies
Stage 2 boss - Sutorei's & Aruku's theme
  • A Strange Atmosphere ~ Another Dead
Stage 3 theme
  • Zombie Night Dance ~ Spirit Gossip Laugh
Stage 3 boss - Hagane Zero's theme
  • Ghost Dolls and Steel Scythe ~ a Talking Doll
Stage 4 theme
  • Rattles to Wake The Night Creatures ~ Peace of Mind Night
Stage 4 boss - Gishi Rikigaku's theme
  • Mechanic's Screwdriver War ~ Engineer
Stage 5 theme
  • Merchant Offers Things ~ Yoru's Offer
Stage 5 boss - Garagara no Yoru's theme
  • Phantasmal Mystical Curse ~ Hypnotic Rattle
Final Stage theme
  • Clean Water in the Village Center ~ a Perfect Pond
Final boss - Hiyake Hebi's theme
  • Wild Invitation to Snakes ~ Pond Snakes
Extra Stage theme
  • Strange Noises and Lights at Night ~ Gishi's Gas Station
Extra boss - Torakku Yurobito's theme
  • Champion Jockey Cat ~ Racing Driver

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