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不眥 値和侶子
Neoroko Fuishi
Fuishi neoroko CIremake

Species Zashiki-warashi (Yurei)

Dancing through time, manipulation of cave paintings


1402 years old, 2000 years old (CI)


Student, Manaato's Student (CI)


Spirit Shrine (CI)

Neoroko Fuishi (不眥 値和侶子 Fuishi Neoroko) is a zashiki-warashi who works as a dancer and is one of Chusokarashi no Manaato's pupils.

General Information


Neoroko is an earnest and trusting girl who has faith in Manaato and her desire for perfection and art. She is so influenced by her that she has taken it upon herself to add art to past eras that she considers bland. She especially enjoys manipulating cave paintings and dancing with them.


Dancing through time

She can not only perform every kind of dance with perfect grace, but she can also dance through time. With this power, she could dance backwards in time to the dinosaur age, and meet up with a T-Rex.

Background Information

Neoroko belonged from a time of war, so she used her ability to dance through time to escape from there. However, she died in the process and became a zashiki-warashi. She arrived to Kuusou no Sekai and pledged loyalty to the art teacher Chusokarashi no Manaato. Neoroko asked Manaato to train her abilities so she can also help others escape from the war, but she still questions herself if that’s really fair.


Expressive Illumination

Manaato decides to start her plans of turning Kuusou no Sekai into a place full of art and eradicate everything else that's not artistic according to her liking. This involves eradicating machines and videogames and claiming the rights of Miko Kokunai's adventures. She calls her former students to assist her with the banning, such as Takuto Yamaha, Kojiro and Neoroko (with the exception of Kaiga Kimyoona, who refuses to leave her boyfriend behind).

For most of the game, Manaato and Neoroko are hiding in the Kuusou no Sekai’s Arch Gallery, silently waiting as all of her students destroy banned art pieces. Because of it, nobody suspects her at first and the heroes go after red herrings who had nothing to do with the incident.

Eventually, the heroines realize who's the actual culprit and go to the Arch Gallery. Neoroko attempts to stop them from accesing any further in order to protect Manaato, but is defeated and the heroines confront Manaato.

Broken 4th Dimension

Because the zorigame Mirai Chasov altered the time in Kuusou no Sekai, this resulted in several people being erased from existence or de-aged. Manaato was part of these victims, so Neoroko tried to ask Wyra Sonohoka to help her save Manaato. Unfortunately, Neoroko was eventually erased from existence as well.