Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Come to Darkness
Stage 1 theme
  • Lost Darkness of Night
Stage 1 boss - Uchikina's theme
  • Sky Invisible in Dark
Stage 2 theme
  • Nocturnal Wind Gust ~ Storm Path
Stage 2 boss - Mori no Nikushoku's theme
  • Murderous Darkness
Stage 3 theme
  • Small Killing Lust in the Air
Stage 3 boss - Kira Sakka's theme
  • Revenge-thirsty ~ Dead List
Stage 4 theme
  • Welcome to the Dark Mansion Stories ~ Mansion
Stage 4 boss - Taeko Yuhara's theme
  • Manor Escaped Convict
Stage 5 theme
  • She Owns an Abandoned Mansion ~ Old Mansion
Stage 5 boss - Tenshi Megami's theme
  • Dead to Heaven ~ Angel
Final Stage theme
  • I'm Watching You ~ Black Haze
Final boss - Totte Mitsumete's theme
  • Mind Reader Stalker
Extra Stage theme
  • Escape From the Mansion ~ Prisoner Escaped
Extra boss - Kaoru Fumetsu's theme
  • Immortal Blood Soldier Merchant
Ending theme
  • Obscures the Most Beautiful in the Morning

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