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Nona Tsudzuku
Tsudzuku Nona - Tiyanak

Species Tiyanak

Attracting others to her


55 years old


Outskirts Watcher


Supernova Outskirts

Nona Tsudzuku is a tiyanak who lives in the Northeastern Island and is one of Katame's monsters.

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Attracting others to her

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Unconquered AlbumEdit

Nona is in the Supernova Outskirts, watching for intruders so they won't bother her master Katame. She is the Stage 6 Boss in Shinshiazu and Quanna Noayano's routes.

In Shinshiazu's route, the monster hunter is glad to fight a dangerous creature such as a tiyanak, until she realizes that Nona is a cheerful monster who craves attention. Dissapointed, Shinshiazu defeats her.

In Quanna Noayano's route, once again she attempt to stop the intruder. She is defeated and start sulking about how powerless she is to protect Katame. Quanna consoles her with promises of featuring her in her newspaper, which is enough to make Nona happy again.