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八路塀 望
Nozomi Hachirobei
Nozomi hachirobei by lenk64-d7yofw0

Species Alien

Use UFOs, create magic


1000 years old


Protect the new acquaintances, flying UFO hat


Space, Black Hole, Military IYA

Nozomi Hachirobei (八路塀 望 Hachirobei Nozomi) is an alien and the younger sister of Shirabei Hachirobei.

General Information Edit



Manipulate UFOs

Background Information Edit

Role Edit

Performance of RainEdit

Toxic DifficultyEdit

Secret CaveEdit

Immortal Youkai ArmyEdit

It's revealed that Nozomi works for the Immortal Youkai Army, which wants the supremacy of youkai. She expresses her interest in having a space empire, but doesn't know where to start.

Border of HeavenEdit

Nozomi Hachierobei (BoH)

Nozomi in Border of Heaven

Nozomi still wanted to create her own space empire. She befriended the space youkai Kukyo Konen who had the powers to do so. Without asking for Nozomi's motives and happy to have a new friend, Kukyo constructed the space empire the alien wanted, with the Northern Lights as an added bonus. However, Miko, Ritsuka and Kaeru Shiawase are warned by the ghost Iyona Gensai about Nozomi's plans.

When the girls reach space, Nozomi blocks the path with UFOs and tries to stop them from reaching the empire, but is defeated. It's unknown if Kukyo finds out that she was manipulated by Nozomi, but stays friends with her nonetheless.

Kodomo's Days in the FieldEdit

She is one of the possible bosses at Day 10, together with Kukyo and Shin Konen.

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