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香川 織和
Orika Kagawa
Orika Kagawa (BoH)

Species Fox

Paint tail


800 years old




Meadow (night)

Orika Kagawa (香川 織和 Kagawa Orika) is a fox youkai.

General Information Edit



Paint tail

Role Edit

Performance of RainEdit

Border of HeavenEdit

Orika is minding her own business and wandering around the meadow at night. It's unknown if she knows about Nozomi's plot to have a galactic empire, but Iyona Gensai advices Miko, Ritsuka and Kaeru Shiawase to ask either Orika or Totte Mitsumete, who have the powers to transport them to space.

The girls go to ask Orika first, however she refuses to help and insults them instead. Angry, the heroines attack her and go to Totte's mansion, where they're transported to space succesfully.

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