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パンティー 子供
Panti no Kodomo
Panti no kodomo by lenk64-d7l55fv

Species Panties Youkai

create magic


800 years old


steal panties



Panti no Kodomo (パンティー 子供) is a former frog goddess who's now a low youkai who steals panties.

General Information Edit



Steal panties

Role Edit

Performance of Meadow RainEdit

Border of HeavenEdit

Kodomo and Seikakuna Chinchira go to the Secret Cave. Apparently Kodomo expected to find treasure panties and Chichira went along with her. However they get separated and lost. However, she doesn't care that she got lost and continues to get deeper into the cave while searching for panties. Miko, Ritsuka and Kaeru Shiawase find her there and laugh at the panties in her head. Kodomo is offended and attacks them, only to be defeated. 

Kodomo's Days in the FieldEdit

Panti is the playable character. Apparently, she stole various items in order to rebel against her teacher Mariela Kyooju.

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