Music ListEdit

Main Menu theme
  • Welcome Back ~ Spring is Coming
Stage 1 theme
  • Land of Nanseishotō ~ World of Land
Stage 1 boss - Akari Watoga's theme
  • Jungle is Mine ~ Bottle of Rain
Stage 2 theme
  • Chilly Youkai Forest ~ Foggy Forest
Stage 2 boss - Panti no Kodomo's theme
  • Former Frog God ~ Panties Thief
Stage 3 theme
  • Beautiful River in the Forest ~ Forest River
Stage 3 boss - Hane Utsukushi's theme
  • Black Winged Curse Spell ~ Black Wings
Stage 4 theme
  • Warm Spring Wind ~ Wind Gust
Stage 4 boss - Ryusei Furawa's theme
  • Miraculous Whisper ~ Asteroid Youkai
Stage 5 theme
  • You are Interesting ~ Bounce Behind
Stage 5 boss - Kaeru Shiawase's theme
  • Bubble and Frogs ~ Spring Frog
Final Stage theme
  • Rainy Fairy Wars ~ Helping Fairies
Final boss - Ame no Yosei's theme
  • Big Fairy and Rainy Meadow ~ Yosei
Extra Stage theme
  • Arrow Towards the Final ~ Beautiful Arrow
Extra Stage boss - Seikakuna Chinchira's theme
  • Millions of Arrows ~ Marksman
Game Over theme
  • Game Over
Ending theme
  • Fairy Forest Dead Tree Was Destroyed

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