This article is about the first Nansei project. If you were looking for the remake see Performance of Rain (Remake)

南西 議森寺

Performance of Rain


The Performance of Rain Jewelcase Cover

Developer LENK64
Publisher LENK64
Released May 09, 2011
Genre Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game
Gameplay Single-Player Story Mode
Followed by Toxic Difficulty, Performance of Rain (Remake)

Nansei Gishinji ~ Performance of Rain (南西 議森寺 〜 Performance of Rain, lit. Mysterious Forest Temple from the Southwest; original title 雨のパ, lit. Path of Rain) is the 1st official project in Nansei.

The project was originally released as a Touhou fan-project, but was canonized as the first Nansei project with the release of Night Creatures in a Mansion. It has since been removed from Youtube, but there is a download of the OST available here.




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