Playable CharactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit

Taeko yuhara by lenk64-d7a5l4t

Taeko Yuhara
Stage 1 Midboss, Stage 1 Boss

Akari watoga by lenk64-d7aeebu

Akari Watoga
Stage 2 Midboss, Stage 2 Boss

Elly (Nansei PoR)

Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss

Iyona gensai by lenk64-d7aee92

Iyona Gensai
Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 4 Boss, Extra Midboss

Orika kagawa by lenk64

Orika Kagawa
Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss

Youka by lenk64-d7a5lme

Stage 6 Midboss

Nozomi hachirobei by lenk64-d7yofw0

Nozomi Hachirobei
Stage 6 Boss

Shirabe hachirobei by lenk64-d7yo65c

Shirabe Hachirobei
Extra Boss

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